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The Hillels of Illinois
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The Hillels of Illinois
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Students can apply to Lewis Summer Intern Program

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LSIP 2009Summer in Chicago? Apply for Lewis Summer Internships!

Undergrads residing (parental residence) or attending school in Illinois: Apply online at for the Lewis Family Summer Intern Program 2010, offering 26 paid internships in agencies/departments of the Jewish Federation. Potential work experiences in : development, marketing, public relations, grant writing and finance; direct service with youth, the elderly and special needs; journalism, event coordination, sports management and educational programming. Write or call 312-444-2868 to schedule a Winter Break interview in Chicago.

Application Deadline: Feb. 26, 2010
Interview Deadline: March 19, 2010

Groups coming together with Loyola Hillel

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Loyola studentsHillel at Loyola continues to take the lead with some unique intergroup programming that once again brings together students from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. 

Hillel and the Hindu students started the new school year by co-hosting a fast-breaking vegetarian/kosher iftar meal for the Muslim student community at Loyola.  The event, which brought together a group of over 125, was an incredibly moving experience for students who came together for the event and some have already planned to make this an annual event. “There was such a visceral sense of community,” said Loyal Hillel director Patti Ray.  “It is really hard even for me to put into words that intangible sense of being part of something very special.  When all the Muslim students who had been fasting all day had taken their dinner, the Jewish and Hindu students got their dinner and sat among their Muslim peers and shared their dinner together.”

In another program that Ray believes also demonstrates Loyola’s unique intergroup dynamics, hundreds of students gathered in the student union building for “Rosh HaShanah Mazanas Y Miel,” a celebration of Rosh Hashana and Mexican Heritage Day, which kicked-off Latino Heritage Month (two students from the event pictured).  For over 20 years, Loyola Hillel has distributed apples and honey, as well as hot fudge and caramel, to the Loyola community.  This year there was an addition of kosher Latin food, as well as a mariachi band introduced by a rabbi blowing a shofar. “Now that’s a Loyola story,” said Ray.

Campuses experiencing flurry of anti-Israel activity

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UIUC Student ImageWhen Israel-supporting faculty and students returned from winter break last January, they found an escalation of hostility toward Israel and its supporters that occasionally crossed boundaries from civil exchange to verbal abuse and physical intimidation. This new intensity of anti-Israel activity followed upon the kind of behavior seen in Chicago and throughout the world during Israel’s most recent war with the terrorist group Hamas, said JUF Executive Vice President Michael C. Kotzin, who has been working with campus activists and Hillel to address anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments and activities.