The Guide to Jewish Living offers a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of Chicago-area Jewish organizations, resources, products, and services.

Listings submitted online will appear, as appropriate, online and in the next annual print edition of the Guide to Jewish Living in Chicago. Annual print edition copies are available with a minimum annual donation of $25 to the JUF. Click here to donate.

The Guide is based on specific organizing principles:

  • Only organizations, businesses, and individuals that are deemed to provide specific services, products, or information that directly pertain to, support, or enhance Jewish life in the Metropolitan Chicago area are listed in the Guide.
  • The purpose in producing a directory is to point users to resources, which they then must assess for themselves. Only brief, direct descriptions of products/services can be accommodated. The Guide does offer advertising opportunities.
  • Use of the Guide should be quick, easy, and reliable. The Guide accomplishes this through: table of contents, alphabetical indexes, and individual listings.
  • As a free directory produced by a nonprofit organization, the Guide adheres to a strict budget; therefore, it is not feasible to print multiple listing of individual entities.
  • The publisher reserves the right to determine the content and placement of the listings, and cannot be held liable for the accuracy or completeness of the information presented. New listing submissions and updates will take effect within 7-14 business days.

What's New in the Guide

Russian Book Buddies

Features Jewish-themed arts and crafts and a Story Time. Designed for Russian-speaking young families with children ages 0–5 and is held in Russian language. Russian Book Buddies is the initiatives of the Russian Jewish Division of the JUF in partnership with the JUF’s Young Families and the PJ Library Chicago.

Munchkins Day Camp

8-week camp for children entering nursery or kindergarten (Pre-1A) featuring baking, athletics, swimming, weekly trips, arts & crafts, entertainers and skill development.

Bnos Day Camp

8-week camp for grades 1-8 featuring baking, athletics, swimming, weekly trips, arts & crafts, entertainers and skill development.

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