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JUF’s JCRC stands in solidarity with Israel in defending itself against Hamas terror rocket attacks from Gaza

Each nation has a fundamental right to self-defense, and we unequivocally support Israel's right to the same in this instance.

7/8/2014 4:52:30 PM

U.S. House passes resolution supporting Israel, Illinois reps voice solidarity

Members of the Illinois delegation in Congress have released statements voicing their support for Israel’s right to defend itself in the face of rocket fire from Gaza.

7/11/2014 1:45:05 PM


Israeli Lone soldier organization serves people in need—even after ‘we take off the uniform’

David Baskin had been noticing a pattern when soldiers like himself finish their service in the Israel Defense Forces. In the kibbutz — the communal settlement — where he and his fellow llow soldiers lived while serving, the soldiers would discard piles of belongings that they didn’t want to take with them.

3/1/2017 9:21:54 AM

Meet Aviv Ezra, the new Consul General of Israel to the Midwest

On Aviv Ezra’s office wall, at the Chicago-based Consulate of Israel to the Midwest, hangs a photograph of the infamous entrance to Auschwitz. But it’s not the ominous foreground, but rather something in the background of the photo—three grey dots— that Ezra finds most poignant.

2/6/2017 2:41:46 PM

Seeing Israel through my children’s eyes

Taking our children to Israel has been our dream since we became parents.

1/6/2017 11:46:07 AM

Ultimate Hebrew School #4: The universal language of soccer

We have only one more month here and Idan knows there are special aspects of school in Ra’anana that he will miss.

1/6/2017 11:07:29 AM

Campus student leaders take perspective-changing trip to Israel

 Eighteen student leaders from campuses across the Midwest embarked on a student leadership mission to Israel last month led by JUF’s Israel Education Center.

1/6/2017 10:15:44 AM

VIDEO: Community Solidarity Rally for Israel


Around 2,000 attend city-wide Rally for Israel.  Watch »