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JUF’s JCRC stands in solidarity with Israel in defending itself against Hamas terror rocket attacks from Gaza

Each nation has a fundamental right to self-defense, and we unequivocally support Israel's right to the same in this instance.

7/8/2014 4:52:30 PM

U.S. House passes resolution supporting Israel, Illinois reps voice solidarity

Members of the Illinois delegation in Congress have released statements voicing their support for Israel’s right to defend itself in the face of rocket fire from Gaza.

7/11/2014 1:45:05 PM


Living life as an Israeli—for the summer

It was abouthalfway through my month-long excursion to Israel that I found myself dining on the porch of Vong, a Vietnamese restaurant located directly across the street from Independence Hall.

10/5/2016 3:21:57 PM

Ultimate Hebrew school #2: It takes a village (to start school)

We will have many ups and downs, and I will sometimes question the price he is paying, but for now, Idan is stepping forward with an open mind.

9/29/2016 3:30:14 PM

We mourn the loss of Shimon Peres

JUF has issued the following statement on the death of the Hon. Shimon Peres.

9/27/2016 10:44:03 PM

Salim Joubran brings diversity to Israel’s highest court

The Israeli Supreme Court justice joined Chicago faith and community leaders in conversation on Sept. 16.

9/20/2016 2:47:03 PM

Ultimate Hebrew school: A second chance

Our 9-year-old, Idan, and I are chatting with a friend ’s father, before a playdate.

9/1/2016 3:29:13 PM

VIDEO: Community Solidarity Rally for Israel


Around 2,000 attend city-wide Rally for Israel.  Watch »