JUF TOV Hurricane Sandy Relief Mission

Thirteen community members volunteered with JUF TOV on a three-day Hurricane Sandy Relief Mission in Baldwin, NY from December 9-11, the first of two TOV missions. The second trip was made up of students comprised from local Hillels. TOV partnered with NECHAMA- Jewish Response to Disaster. NECHAMA is the only Jewish disaster response organization and has been on the ground since the hurricane struck the region in late October. TOV volunteers were sent to The Jewish Center Brighton Beach, which was decimated by the storm. For two days, they gutted the synagogue removing toxic debris and mold all the way down to the frame to prep the center for reconstruction. The building was built in 1928. It’s a historic landmark and one of the oldest Jewish community centers in New York. The congregants are currently using a local department store as a house of worship. While there, the volunteers celebrated Chanukah with local rabbis at a synagogue that had been repaired and rebuilt by NECHAMA and finished the week prior. There are still over 200,000 homes and centers in New York that were declared inhabitable that require repair. Our JUF dollars went a long way towards helping Jewish residents and synagogues in a time of dire need— JUF has raised over $400,000 for Hurricane Sandy Relief. 

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