Sanctuary - Rebuilding Bridges: African-American/Jewish Relations Today


For much of the past century, Jews and African Americans shared a strong and supportive relationship, based on common histories and driven by a thirst for social justice. Then came what some call a hiatus. Now, growing efforts are afoot to restore that bond and build on it. This next episode of the public-affairs program “Sanctuary” – which aired Feb. 15, on ABC7-Channel 7 – explores the state of the relationship – past, present and future – through the eyes of a rabbi and a black pastor who have made reinvigorating relations between their communities a personal mission. Featured are Rabbi Michael Siegel of Anshe Emet Synagogue in Lakeview and Pastor Chris Harris of Bright Star Church of God in Christ in Bronzeville. The program also visits a West Side Baptist church, housed in a former synagogue that once served a thriving Jewish community, for highlights of a joint celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. Cindy Sher hosts.“Sanctuary” is a joint production of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago and the Chicago Board of Rabbis, in cooperation with ABC7-Channel 7.

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