Can Jews and Muslims Relate on Campus?

To many people, conflict - whether physical, verbal, social or economic - has come to define the contemporary relationship between Jews and Muslims. Yet, despite substantial differences of opinion and perspective, some in each community are seeking to build bridges and understanding while still holding true to their values and beliefs.  "Sanctuary" visits one arena of such outreach: the college campus, a venue of increasing confrontation, yet also of sincere efforts at connection. Discussing both the challenges and opportunities of those efforts are Tahera Ahmad, an assistant chaplain and director of interfaith engagement at Northwestern University, and Michael Simon, executive director of the Fiedler Hillel at Northwestern. Also featured are Asya Akca and Rachel Zucker, Turkish American and Jewish students, respectively, at the University of Chicago, who discuss their close friendship and their recent interfaith visit to Israel. Cindy Sher hosts. 

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