The Iranian issue is the real threat

Recent events that have focused world attention on relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are sapping energy from where it needs to be focused—on preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. That was the assessment of Member of Knesset Yoel Hasson, of Israel’s Kadima Party, who was in Chicago this week. On Tuesday he briefed the Israel and Overseas Commission of the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish United Fund about a wide array of developments, including the dynamics of Israeli politics (Hasson would like to see a national unity government), to the controversial Conversion bill (Hasson has worked to be sure the interests of Diaspora Jews are taken into account). In his remarks he also dealt with the issue of aliyah (immigration to Israel). As chairman of the Knesset Lobby for the Encouragement of Aliya from the West, Hasson said he is heartened by the strong interest in Israel by young Jews in the Chicago area.

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