Sanctuary: Human Rights Derailed: Delegitimizing the State of Israel


Escalating efforts, both global and local, to delegitimize the existence of the State of Israel will be the focus of the next episode of the public-affairs program, “Sanctuary.”  The program features excerpts from Prof. Irwin Cotler’s April 7 presentation, “Human Rights Derailed: Delegitimizing the State of Israel,” which was the 2011 Philip M. & Ethel Klutznick Lecture in Jewish Civilization, presented at Northwestern University. Cotler, a member of the Canadian Parliament and a leading human rights and legal advocate, teaches at McGill University in Montreal and has served as legal counsel for prisoners of conscience Nelson Mandela, Natan Sharansky, Andrei Sakharov and others. The Klutznick Lecture is co-sponsored by the Crown Family Center for Jewish Studies at Northwestern and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.

Also on the show are Chicagoans David Sherman, chairman of the national Israel Action Network, and Michael Kotzin, Executive Vice President of the Jewish Federation. Both have been at the center of local and national efforts to counter the delegitimization campaign.  The host for this episode is Deborah Palmer Herst.   “Sanctuary” is a joint production of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago and the Chicago Board of Rabbis, in cooperation with ABC7-Channel 7. 

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