Teaching the language of Jewish connection


Hebrew—the language of the Bible and the language of modern Israeli hip-hop—is one of the most powerful ways to connect Jews around the world with the vibrant life and culture of the Jewish state. But even for Jews with little or no knowledge of Hebrew, connecting with Israel builds Jewish identity and continuity. In this episode of Heart of the Matter meet two people who care profoundly about nurturing and strengthening the connections between Israel and the U.S. Etty Dolgin is founder and director of Gan Gani, a Hebrew immersion school for children. She also is director of Hebrew Education at Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute and Master Israel Educator with the Community Foundation of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago. Anne Lanski founded Shorashim, which leads youth trips to Eastern Europe and Israel for high school students; last year she founded the iCenter, a new initiative intended to revolutionize Israel education for children K-12.  


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