Paul Wieder interviews David Broza

David Broza is one of Israel’s most popular musical exports. His fast-and-furious guitar style combines the energy of Spanish flamenco, the intricacy of Middle Eastern music and the flash of pure American rock ’n’ roll. Beyond strumming the guitar, His lyrics come from many sources, including the works of some of the greatest English, Hebrew, and Spanish modern poets, going back to Walt Whitman. In performance, he is known for his blazing fingerwork and his searing delivery. And, after 30 years in music, he is poised to become an “overnight” sensation, with his first US national TV broadcast in December of 2007. You see, every year (for 15 years so far), David has a “sunrise” concert on Masada in Israel. It starts at 3:00 in the morning and ends just as the sun is coming up over the Negev desert. And that concert is what was shown in David’s big TV special. (This special is the first production ever filmed with “HD” or “high definition” technology in Israel!) David’s onstage guests were international superstars Jackson Browne and Shawn Colvin, and a Palestinian singer, too. He hopes that their star power, plus the national exposure of the broadcast, will finally catapult him into mainstream American consciousness. He also is hoping that the gorgeous imagery of Masada helps Americans see that there is a more to Israel than they may have realized!

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