Chicago Mayor Signs Water and Innovation Deals in Israel

Rahm Emanuel comes to Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beersheva to ink agreements with two Israeli universities and the city of Tel Aviv Read More

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Rosh Hashanah

Find out how Rosh Hashanah links honey, a Nerf ball, 800 tons of carp and pomegranate greatness Read More

Cornell and Israel’s Technion Institute Open High-Tech Campus in NY

A high-tech teaching and research center born of American- Israeli collaboration inaugurated its newly built campus on Roosevelt Island Read More

Tel Aviv Kicks Off City-Wide Car-Sharing Initiative AutoTel

Tel Aviv is the first town in Israel to kick off a shared vehicle program, which is intended to reduce traffic and air pollution in the crowded metropolis Read More

Israeli Startup Developed Smart Algorithms that are Changing Medical Diagnostics

Zebra, an Israeli startup, utilizes a branch of artificial intelligence called computer vision to detect diseases from medical images Read More

Israeli Startups Shine at Visa’s Everywhere Initiative Competition

Israel excels in the Visa Everywhere Initiative with strong representation across all stages, eventually producing two of the three winners Read More 

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