40 Years of Peace Between Israel and Egypt

10 Facts about Israel-Egypt relation Watch the Video

Low-Tech Drones Give Every IDF Commander an Eye in the Sky

Small, collapsible and camera-equipped drones distributed throughout army, giving the IDF access to immediate intelligence Read More

Smartphone App Listens to Your Voice to Monitor Lung Disease

Israeli startup has developed an app that records all your calls and monitors signals of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Read More

Australian Rock Star Nick Cave Rejects BDS in Tel Aviv: “I Love Israel”

The Aussie singer says he kept away for 20 years, 'acting scared,' but now decided to take a stand against censorship Read More

Sponges Teach Scientists How to Form Glass without Heat

Israeli researchers discover how sponges build glass skeletons that protect them from their environment, opening the way for new glass technologies Read More

Haifa Graffiti Group Creates Clip for U2

Universal Studios gave Broken Fingaz 7 days to make the music video, which was shot in Haifa, London and Rajastan Read More

JUF in Israel

Strengthening the robust bridge between Chicago's Jewish community and the people of Israel

Ofer's Column

Read the monthly Israel's commentary by Ofer Bavly, Director General of the JUF Israel office.