Largest ever Ta'am Yisrael trip returns

Two hundred and fourteen students from 33 synagogue schools in the Chicago area and Chicago Jewish Day School, along with 50 staff members, participated in the program

2/19/2015 3:11:06 PM

Honeymoon in Israel

We couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to spend the first five months of our marriage living in Israel.

2/5/2015 11:01:36 AM

Samson returns

The second successful Shimshon Mission visits Israel 

2/3/2015 2:56:13 PM

K’zohar Ha-Ivrit: Tevah—Nature

As a noun, te-vah has several meanings.

2/3/2015 2:33:28 PM

Israel Science and Technology Feb.

"We thought it would be great to have some contraption for making meals materialize with no fuss or mess,"

2/3/2015 2:24:53 PM

VIDEO: We Stand With Israel

JUF/JF Rally for Israel - We Stand With Israel.  Watch »