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Flat Joseph

PJ Library Chicago, inspired by the Flat Stanley project and the West Palm Beach Commission for Jewish Education, is bringing to life the Joseph character from the pages of the PJ Library book, Joseph Had a Little Overcoat. The book, written and illustrated by Simms Taback, is a wonderful retelling of the old Jewish folk tale where Joseph's old and tattered coat is recycled and takes the form of increasing smaller forms of clothing.

This webpage was created so that schools, families and the community can track Joseph's journey around Chicagoland's schools. Schools will be blogging their experiences with Joseph each week so make sure to check back with us often!

Flat Joseph

Moriah Early Childhood Center, Deerfield

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Joseph arrived at Moriah ECC as spring was felt in the air. Beautiful weather lured the children outdoors, and Joseph tagged along. The Dragonflies were excited to discover that flowers had bloomed in the playground, and shared what they found with Joseph.

Flat Joseph at the Moriah ECC

Small groups of children were brought into the Teva [nature] room to teach Joseph some of what they had learned about worms and worm farming.

Flat Joseph visits the Moriah ECC

Outdoors, groups of children joined Joseph and the worm farm. Many children expressed concern that Joseph might be frightened by worms because they had felt that way prior to their own experiences at school. Many offered to show him how to gently hold a worm; some even showed how many can fit into one’s hand!

Visiting with Flat Joseph at Moriah ECC

As the children taught Joseph about worms and worm farming, the teachers were provided a window into all that had been learned over the past few months.

Moriah ECC and Flat Joseph

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