As grandparents, it is a privilege to pass down our rich heritage to our children and our children's children. Sharing our cherished values and watching them guide the generations that follow, are among the greatest joys of Jewish life.

Now, JUF is offering another beautiful way to bring together two generations in the shared mitzvah of tzedakah.

L'DORon is a new JUF program helping grandparents introduce their grandchildren to the importance of tzedakah and collective giving. Its Hebrew name delivers a powerful two-fold message: DOR means generation, and DORON means gift. Together, they reflect the significance of transmitting our traditions L'Dor V'Dor, from generation to generation.  

Here's how it works. Participating L'DORon grandparents make a gift of $18 or more to the JUF Annual Campaign each year in honor of your grandchild(ren) until they reach Bar/Bat Mitzvah age (13). At that point, you may continue to make the gift annually, or pass the torch—and the responsibility for supporting our community—to the next generation.

The birth of your grandchild is a wonderful way to start L'DORon giving, as are birthdays and Chanukah. When you register for L’DORon, your grandchild will receive a special certificate announcing that you have made this gift on his/her behalf. In subsequent years, JUF will send the child a L’DORon card acknowledging your gift – and providing an ideal opportunity to talk about tzedakah, Jewish values and the importance of caring for others in need.

For more information, visit our FAQs below. To make a L'DORon gift please follow the link below, call 312-357-4920, email us, or download and print this registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is L'DORon?

L'DORon is a new initiative connecting our youngest donors to JUF through inter-generational giving. Grandparents are encouraged to make a JUF Annual Campaign gift on behalf of their grandchild(ren) at least until they reach Bar/Bat Mitzvah age (13). Some grandparents will continue to give the gift each year while others will pass the torch – and the responsibility for supporting our community – on to the next generation.

Why L'DORon?

In Hebrew, "L'DORon" incorporates two key elements of this giving program. "Doron" means gift. "Dor" means generation, (like l'dor v'dor, from generation to generation). We couldn't imagine a better fit.

How does it work?

A L'DORon gift can be made at any time. The birth of a grandchild is an excellent place to start, but birthdays and Chanukah are also popular times to give on a grandchild's behalf.

Gifts can be made through the JUF website or by phone at 312-357-4920.

Is there a minimum gift?

Yes, the minimum gift is $18 per year.

Do I have to pay all at once?

That's up to you. When you sign up, you will have the option of being billed each year or paying a lump sum to cover the total number of years you will be making the gift on your granchild's behalf.

How does my grandchild know that I've made a L'DORon gift?

When you make a gift, a special certificate will be mailed to your grandchild announcing that a L'DORon gift has been made to JUF on their behalf. In subsequent years, a L’DORon card will be mailed just before Rosh Hashannah. (The arrival of the certificate/cards provides a wonderful opportunity to talk to your grandchild about tzedakah and helping those in need). You will receive a corresponding thank you letter to confirm that it has been sent.

Does my grandchild have to give?

No. The purpose of L'DORon is to help grandparents demonstrate and teach their grandchildren about tzedakah in a personal, rewarding way, while introducing the importance of collective giving. Many children have piggy banks/tzedakah boxes and may wish to add to their JUF gift. This is welcome, of course, but by no means necessary.

Upon reaching Bar/Bat Mitzvah age, we hope that grandchildren will then begin to make their own gift to JUF, no matter what size, to continue the beautiful tradition that was started on their behalf.

Do I have to be a grandparent in order to give a L’DORon gift?

While L’DORon is geared toward grandparents and grandchildren, any relative or special friend can make a gift on behalf of a child they care about. Don’t let the “grand” language deter you; teaching children about tzedakah is a gift we all can give.

To make a L'DORon gift now, click the Sign Up button above or call 312-357-4920.