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Every night before my head hits the pillow, I record one blessing from the day on my iPhone notepad.


During this past summer's tumultuous news of hate rallies, terrorism, and hurricanes, I was lucky enough to get lost in a world of letters--love letters, that is, written from Jewish adults to children.

Did you live a year that mattered, and did you fill it with meaning?


I've been contemplating age a lot this year because I'm turning a number ending in "0"--and starting with "4"--at the end of the year.


In the middle of our country, I was able to witness something beautiful.


  Have you had the joy of watching a baby walk for the first time?


 There's just something about our grandparents.


While the youngest at your seder will ask the four traditional questions, here are four other big questions for us to think about while breaking matzah.    


The discord sweeping the country has inspired many of us to speak out. Staying silent, as the Jewish people know all too well, can lead to danger. And thank God, we--both as Jews and as Americans--have the right to make our voices heard.  But all the unrest has led

You don't know when or where you're going to meet; you simply need to have faith you will find each other.

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