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Food and love are linked in this drama. To demonstrate their love for their father so that they he may bless them, both Esau and Jacob prepare food that their father loves.


Now, the cultural conversation around sexual harassment and assault in the workplace takes centerstage as almost every day, more women (and some men) call out their aggressors for bad behavior. 


November 19 marked the 40th anniversary of the visit of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem.


If everything is innovative, then nothing is. And too often phrases du jour are deployed as dismissive criticisms: a program is “not innovative,” that group is “a legacy,” not a startup.


December in the Chicago Jewish community means two events are fast approaching--Chanukah and YLD's Big Event Fundraiser.

Leah K. Richman, JUF's Senior Endowment Counsel, provides some strategies to reduce your 2017 tax liability and help the Jewish community. 

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"The political toxicity polluting our nation is eroding the foundations of trust and decency that have built this good America," writes JUF's Steven B. Nasatir. "Our national challenges--both natural and human-made--are too catastrophic in their potential consequences to fail to address because of unbridled partisanship."


The relationship of Joseph and his brothers continues the deeply painful previous sibling rivalries of the three Patriarchal and Matriarchal families.

Ofer Bavly 0 11/03/2017 November 2 marks the 100 th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, a milestone in Zionist history and the earliest diplomatic foundation on which the State of Israel was established, 31 years later. The anniversary has sparked a slew of retrospective books


In order to understand the evil that is racism he wanted to study the greatest evil, the systematic destruction of European Jewry.

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