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 What Winston Churchill said about Russia—it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma – would be an understatement applied to Syria today.

 For the first time in our state, and only the fourth time in the country, two local middle schools will offer Hebrew as a world language option.


If everything is innovative, then nothing is. And too often phrases du jour are deployed as dismissive criticisms: a program is “not innovative,” that group is “a legacy,” not a startup.

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"The political toxicity polluting our nation is eroding the foundations of trust and decency that have built this good America," writes JUF's Steven B. Nasatir. "Our national challenges--both natural and human-made--are too catastrophic in their potential consequences to fail to address because of unbridled partisanship."

Executive vice president Jay Tcath lists JUF's best-kept secrets.


The good news is that the proverbial tip of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions iceberg is melting. The bad news is that we are just now beginning to see the much larger, even more dangerous part that has been lurking beneath the surface.

Spending time with family during the holidays is a heartwarming tradition. It can also be a bittersweet experience when you are caring for parents or other loved ones.


It reminds me what I already know--that the Jewish people are not just a religion, we are a nation.

Remember, this is the time. Remember, this is the call.

Thankfully, for what needs to be done for our community today, and the plans that need to be made for its future, the tzedekah provided to JUF earlier in the year, when the temps were lower and the days shorter, is now hard at work.

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