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MIT program creates a space where high school students collaborate with those from "the other side."

It is amazing to see how many of Herzl's ideas actually permeated into modern-day Israel and how far-reaching his vision was.

Nearly 70 years after its establishment, Israel is still very much a melting pot of Jews from almost 100 countries. 

Ofer Bavly says there isn't much new in Hamas' new manifesto.

There is much hypocrisy (and irony) in the way that BDS supporters use Israeli technology in order to disseminate their baseless hatred of Israel. 

Israel's once-secret operation to care for victims of Syria's war

In Israel and on visits abroad, I witnessed firsthand his personality and character, cherishing the opportunity to see him use his diplomatic skills.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has a 9/11 memorial site (on the Jerusalem hills).

Why do we take the Olympic Games so seriously? And why do we perform with such mediocrity?

This mission’s particular focus was Israel’s economy, especially its hi-tech sector, an introduction to its society and its many achievements and challenges. 

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