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A unique Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) program, in partnership with JUF, engages three hundred twenty children between the ages of 6 and 16 in a variety of activities at day camp, ranging from nature hikes to amusement parks.

Emanuel and Crown Star

The visit had two goals: To build on Chicago's status as a leader in finding solutions for water issues in Israel, the Middle East and the world; and to create new business relationships – and strengthen longstanding ones – among Chicagoans and Israelis.

YLD Israel Mission 2017

Upon their return home from the recent JUF Young Leadership Division (YLD) Summer Mission to Israel, friends Ben Halbig, YLD Board Member and Vice President, and Emily Schwimmer, reflected on their visit.

 Issac Ashkenazi, a renowned international expert on disaster management and community resilience, led a JCRC security briefing on preparing for and responding to urban mass casualty incidents. 

diller israel 2017

Chicago-area Diller Teen Fellows returned home July 24 after a three-week seminar in Israel designed to foster leadership development, Jewish identity-building, social action opportunities, and a deeper connection to Israel. 

partnership krembo wings

 A June site visit marked the 21st year for the partnership between the people of Kiryat Gat, Lachish, and Shafir and a very devoted cadre of JUF donors.

Bike girl

'The Healers' grew out of the Partnership Together Artist Workshops Program, a joint venture between the Jerusalem-based Jewish Agency for Israel and a consortium of 14 Jewish Federations located primarily in the Midwest of the United States-including Chicago.

Members of Chicago’s Jewish community and JUF leaders were stunned, saddened and aggrieved by two significant decisions taken last Sunday by the Cabinet of Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

Israeli Lone soldier organization photo

David Baskin had been noticing a pattern when soldiers like himself finish their service in the Israel Defense Forces. In the kibbutz — the communal settlement — where he and his fellow llow soldiers lived while serving, the soldiers would discard piles of belongings that they didn’t want to take with them.


On Aviv Ezra’s office wall, at the Chicago-based Consulate of Israel to the Midwest, hangs a photograph of the infamous entrance to Auschwitz. But it’s not the ominous foreground, but rather something in the background of the photo—three grey dots— that Ezra finds most poignant.

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