'Living Jewishly: A Snapshot of a Generation' published

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"Living Jewishly: A Snapshot of a Generation," an at-times poignant, humorous, challenging and reaffirming collection of personal essays by Jewish 20- and 30-somethings, has just been published by Academic Studies Press.

Edited by Oy!Chicago blogger-in-chief and JUF digital communications manager Stefanie Pervos Bregman, the anthology probes a wide range of topics, including Orthodox dating; same-sex, interfaith relationships; discovering personal Jewish identity; connectionor lack thereof to Israel; conversion; and what it means to be a young Jew in America today.

"At once confrontational, comforting and hilarious, this is the definitive 'Who am I? and why am I?' book for Jews of our generation," actress and author Mayim Bialik said.

Details are available at www.livingjewishlybook.com and www.facebook.com/livingjewishlybook

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