JUF Vanguard Dinner to feature comedian Amy Poehler

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JUF Vanguard Dinner—launching the 2018 JUF Annual Campaign—to feature comedian Amy Poehler

You might call Amy Poehler a multi-tasker.  During the memorable presidential campaign season of 2008, Poehler gave a memorable performance of her own.

On the Saturday night before giving birth to her first child-instead of kicking up her feet and resting as any expectant mother at that late point in pregnancy would be expected to do-Poehler was performing gangsta rap in front of former Gov. Sarah Palin, as part of a comedy bit on Saturday Night Live (SNL). One week later, Poehler stepped into the role of motherhood, giving birth to her first son. 

Now, besides being the mother of two, Poehler is an Emmy-winning actor, comedian, producer, and author. And no matter what role she plays-as Leslie Knope, the star of the sitcom Parks and Recreation ; as a "cool mom" in the hit chick flick Mean Girls ; as Hillary Clinton on SNL ; or as the co-host of the Golden Globe Awards alongside fellow comedian/friend Tina Fey-Poehler delights audiences, in a charming, and not mean-spirited way.

Next month, she's sure to delight the Chicago Jewish community as a JUF headliner. The JUF Vanguard Dinner, featuring Poehler, will be held Tuesday, Nov. 7, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. JUF's Vanguard Dinner marks the premiere event of the 2018 Campaign season and will kick off the 2018 JUF Annual Campaign as members of the community gather to show support for JUF. Vanguard is JUF's giving society for those making a minimum gift of $5,000 to the JUF Annual Campaign. To inspire future generations and to ensure continuity of JUF's tradition of tzedakah , attendees are invited to bring their young adult children, 16 and older, as guests.

JUF's Annual Campaign Chair for 2018 is King Harris, while this year's Vanguard Dinner Chairs are Linda and Jim Ginsburg. "We are honored to chair this year's Vanguard Dinner and are excited to play a part in this important JUF fundraising event. Amy Poehler is truly funny; we look forward to sharing an evening of laughs while supporting our Jewish community," said Linda and Jim Ginsburg.

Poehler's upcoming visit to Chicago isn't her first gig in the Windy City. Poehler-a Boston native, who now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles-launched her comedy career in Chicago back in 1993, when she joined the comedy theaters
ImprovOlympics and Second City. Less than a decade later, she joined the cast of Saturday Night Live before moving on to other TV and film fame. 

One more project in the works for Poehler is based on the critically acclaimed 2014 Israeli Film Zero Motivation . Her production company, Paper Kite Productions, is working in conjunction with BBC America to adapt the film into a U.S. television series. The TV rights to the movie-a satire about women serving in the Israeli army-were bought by Poehler, and Jewish actor Natasha Lyonne, who stars in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black , and is the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

Poehler's first book, the 2014 New York Times bestseller Yes Please , serves up advice to readers and juicy stories on fame, love, friendship, and parenthood. She also founded "Smart Girls," an empowerment organization that helps young people cultivate their authentic selves. 

Tickets for the JUF Vanguard Dinner are $100 per person, which is not tax-deductible. To register, visit www.juf.org/Vanguard or contact Shana Sternberg at (312) 357-4888 or Vanguard@juf.org. Valet parking will be available.


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