Celebs who are “bad for the Jews” and celebs we think are Jewish, but aren’t

I’m giving you a two-for-one today, just don’t call me yenta.

A writer for the “The Colbert Report” and fellow MOT, Scott Sherman, recently came out with a book titled, “Bad for the Jews: Jews in the News who Embarrass the Tribe.” When the book landed on my desk, my first thoughts were— do we really need something like this out there for people to read that highlights bad Jews? But Sherman’s book is mostly light-hearted and very funny. In a nice touch, he even includes himself at the end for having the audacity to write such a book about people he has never even met.

His first profile is of someone most would consider great for the Jews, Barbara Streisand. She’s included in his most mild section, titled just “bad for the Jews” because her “mere presence convinces every untalented Jew to believe they can become a star.” Others in her company are Jake Gyllenhaal whose existence Sherman considers unfair, “no Jewish male should be that good-looking” and Sarah Jessica Parker because she “got married in an unused historic synagogue but didn’t have a Jewish ceremony. You couldn’t have just thrown up a chuppah?”

In the next section, Sherman profiles people he considers, “badder for the Jews.” Here you’ll find folks like Mark Zuckerberg because he “alters design and amends terms of service so often you need to cut out an hour a day that you would ‘ve wasted on Facebook just to review the changes.”

In the last section, titled “baddest for the Jews,” Sherman finally takes aim at those the majority us are embarrassed and ashamed to include in the tribe. Think Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff. Ugh.  

All and all, Sherman’s book made for an enjoyable afternoon read.

Awhile back, one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Beast, posted a gallery of photos of celebs who people think are Jewish, but actually aren’t. It’s fascinating.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it with readers and it seems fitting to include it in this post.

The not Jewish gallery even goes into detail about why these familiar faces and names often get mistaken for being MOT’s, but proves how that’s just not the case. Ironically, Sherman tries to do the same with Madonna by actually including her in his book, just to point out that she’s not Jewish. “Took on the Hebrew name Esther. She just did. No conversion, no rite of passage, no nothing. Simply woke up and thought, ‘I’m taking a Hebrew name.’’ 

There are a few surprises in this gallery. Joy Behar of the View isn’t Jewish!? She’s from Brooklyn and has such a “Jewish” sounding accent, I always just assumed she was one of us.  And don’t tell anyone, but there are a few folks in here that I was pretty glad to learn aren’t part of our tribe.  I’m sure Sherman would agree.

 For more information and to purchase Bad for the Jews: Jews in the News who Embarrass the Tribe, visit  http://us.macmillan.com/badforthejews/ScottSherman

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