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New puppyhood and parenthood—the same or different? 


We recently made a life-altering purchase. No, we're not new homeowners. We got a dog. Not just any dog—a black labradoodle puppy. The world's greatest and most adorable puppy (if I do say so myself). Six weeks of puppy motherhood has taught me a lot already. In talking with friends who have a different kind of new baby—you know, the human kind—I've realized that raising a new puppy is not all that different from the changes that come with having a baby:

How to kvell in Yiddish


First off, the word is "kvell"—one syllable, like "swell." Second, there is one expression, "to kvell," and another, "to schep nachas"; one does not "kvell nachas." Good, good… Now we are ready to learn how to tell people that, as the Torah puts it, they have found favor in our eyes.

More Than Pink and Teal


In the United States, we're often presented with two different views of cancer. Last month, the Chicago skyline was lit up teal, for ovarian cancer awareness; this month, it's impossible to avoid the color pink. The other public face is that of the celebrity who recently passed away: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and creator of nearly every gadget you hold dear, to pancreatic cancer.

Certainly these are engines for cancer awareness within our society, but all too often we tweet or we buy a snack with a pink ribbon on the label and that's where our involvement ends. My fellow Jews, there's more you need to know, and more that you can do to make cancer awareness work for you.

Best (theoretical) NBA stories for the Holy Land


With the NBA lockout looking more likely, The Great Rabbino decided to look at who we would want to see in Israel (besides Jordan Farmar). Which NBA players would be the most intriguing stories and where should they go play. Check out the list.

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