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For this, I got ordained? 

Some claim to have had spiritual experiences at movies, but I doubt that anyone with a spiritual crisis would seek advice from a film director rather than a rabbi. Still, rabbis have had rough going at the cinema, with screenwriters and film-makers often taking rabbis to task for being hypocritical, mean, or just plain useless. Here is a recent history of rabbis on film.

 Flickers of light  

As I watched the candles burn, I thought about how in the story of Chanukah each candle represents another day of light and a small miracle. In a year that was filled with tough times and sadness, I thought about the flickers of light that were brought into our lives and what I would dedicate each candle to this Chanukah. So, in no particular order, here is my Lights of Chanukah 2011 candle lighting ceremony.

 'Tis the season for dating  

During my fifth holiday party this past weekend, it struck me that for all the drinking and eating and celebrating that goes on during this season, the holidays are actually a great time of year for dating (and for this wannabe matchmaker to set folks up)!

Back when I was still single, I used to dread the holiday season because it meant going home and facing well-meaning, but annoying comments and questions from loved ones wondering why I didn't have a boyfriend. Don't let these folks get you down. With all of the festivities taking place during December, this is actually one of the best times of the year to meet new people and go on dates…so that by Passover you have a different answer for Great Aunt Ruthie.

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