Young Jewish Chicagoans take their turn

This month's issue of JUF News, which should be hitting your mailboxes very soon, focuses on the lives of young Jewish Chicagoansthose of us in our 20s and 30s. The image on the magazine's cover mimics The Game of Life, with a road paved with the different milestone events and decisions we face: graduate, start a career, join JDate, get an apartment, join a synagogue, get married, go to grad school, have a child. But these days, life as a 20- or 30-something is often not as linear as the clear cut path of a board game, as the variety of articles in this month's issue tell us, and that's okay.

JUF News: Life Choices

An extra-packed Oy! Ink section kicks off with my complete roundup on my trip to Vegas for JFNA's TribeFest. And in her column, JUF News Editor Cindy Sher talks about how her experience at TribeFest made her feel lucky to be a member of the tribe.

We also reached out to the general community to add some new voices into the mix. In her piece The wandering Chicagoans, Anna Abramzon writes about being a part of a new generation of wandering Jews, Polly Levy Levinson writes about meeting her beshert when and where she least expected it—in the luggage department at Macy's—and Esther Bergdahl takes an unusual route to her Passover seder this year. For young Jewish professional Aaron Levine, visiting Israel helped shape his career and Max Friedenberg is cleaning up the streets in Israel. And finally, Rivka Nehorai talks about the inner battle of the Orthodox Jew.

Through these stories, the voices of young Jewish Chicagoans. at all points along their Jewish journeys. are heard. There is much more in this month's issue including interviews with TV journalist Meredith Vieira, Ambassador Dennis Ross and comedian Susie Essman. Additionally, there is an opportunity for you, as JUF News readers, to have your voice heard.

In your May JUF News, you will find information about our 2012 JUF News reader survey. You can also take the survey here.

We are interested in hearing from you, our reader, about what you like, don't like, and want to read more of in JUF News. The survey only takes a few minutes, and will provide us with important information and feedback for the future direction of JUF News.

The JUF News staff really cannot wait to hear from you, so please take this opportunity to tell us how we've been doing! Thanks in advance!

Stefanie Pervos Bregman
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