Jewish Hollywood has gone to the dogs

My dog Toby isn't a celebrity, but he should be. And if he were, he'd make the Tribe proud.


So cute, right?!

I know, I know, this yenta is obsessed with her dog, but she isn't the only one.

Last year, there was something in the Manischewitz, and babies were the hot accessory, but now there is a new trend: Jewish Hollywood has gone to the dogs.

Some of your favorite celebs are loving it up with their four legged friends. 

Just this past week, People Magazine featured a story titled A Letter To My Dog in which stars penned short love letters to their pets. Here are two notes from Chelsea Handler and Fran Drescher respectively to their pooches:

"Thanks for letting me put those stupid bandanas around your neck. I know you don't agree, but it really adds to your personality. Thank you for not taking shadoobies on the floor. And thank you for not being a cat. You were my dog the minute I laid eyes on you. Thank you for making me a mommy. You will always be my main man."

"You are the light from God. An Angel. You don't have a mean bone in your body. I am blessed to have you in my life. You taught me a great life lesson "that you can love, lose and love again! Thank you for that, my darling girl- you are a magical creature, and I witness you as you cast your loving spell on all who cross your path. I love you, Esther. Don't ever leave me."

Other Jewish celebrities have spoken out about their dogs in the past. Here are a few quotes from  a Good Housekeeping magazine's celebrity pet roundup:

"I have a husband and four rescue dogs. There is no option of no dogs on the bed. This is how I know my husband will be a good father someday. The pit bull sleeps on top of my husband. On top of him! He has to remove her sometimes because she snores too loudly into his ear and he can't take it. But he moves her in such a cute, gentle way, and he doesn't care about fur on the bed." Alicia Silverstone

"I've got Flossie dog, and she is great. She and I are still in love, 14 years. That's a relationship that works." Drew Barrymore

"Desmo is my guard dog, but he has a sweet side, too. Nothing entertains him (or me) more than when I blow bubbles and he can chase them." Debbi Mazar

Need more evidence?

There is even a movie out right now dedicated to dogs. Tim Burton's (his wife is my Jewish tie here) latest movie, Frankenweenie focuses on how man (or boy) loves his best friend so much, he'd bring him back to life. Burton told Reuters that the inspiration for the movie came from the strong connection he had with his childhood dog which he compares to your first love.

And in case you were wondering why no cats are represented in this post, well, according to our friends at the Jewish entertainment blog, 6 degrees no bacon, cats are just not that overly excited about being Jewish.


 Sorry to all my cat friends out there, but these pictures speak for themselves!


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