Have you brushed your kangaroo's teeth lately?

Have you brushed your kangaroo's teeth lately? 

Seems that kangaroos in captivity develop something called Lumpy Jaw disease. Their jaws hurt so much, they stop eating, and often die. 

But veterinarians at a wildlife park in Nir David, Israel, have developed a toothpaste to treat Lumpy Jaw, and staff there hope it one day will eradicate the disease.  

Now, if you ever wondered how to brush a kangaroo's teeth (no, they haven't taught the kangaroos to do it themselves yet), check out the video: Warning: If the very thought of getting your teeth cleaned puts you at medical risk, discretion is advised. 


"U.S. Formally Drops Charges Against bin Laden" 

New York Times 

I'm waiting for al Qaeda to claim that this proves they didn't have a good case. 


"Summer flooding in Minot, North Dakota, hit record levels on Friday as the Souris River tied the all-time high of 1,558 feet set in 1881, according to the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Center." 



Not to make light of a very serious situation, but.. 

Wouldn't the name of the river—Souris—have given folks a clue that there could be trouble? 


"On June 21, Shakira visited Jerusalem for Israel's Presidential Conference, where she met—and hugged—Israeli President Shimon Peres."  

JTA/New York Times 

Sarah Silverman was at the same conference. While there, she tweeted: 

"Israel is this bizarro world where Jews r gorgeous & kick-assy instead of sneezy & shirt-stainy" 

It must have been a very interesting conference for Peres, the 87-year-old Nobel laureate. 


And for those who think business news is boring… 

From the Wall Street Journal: 

A Family Named Gold Tries to Add Cool to a Soup That's the Color Purple  

Borscht Fans Think It Can't Be Beat, but Too Few Agree; Maybe Call It a 'Beet Smoothie'? 

Read all about it


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plans to make a documentary on American soldiers who liberated Jews from the concentration camps, but before embarking on the project he came to Israel to get the blessings of Rabbi Israel Lau—the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv and former chief Ashkenazi rabbi of Israel 

On the surface, the topic and the trip may sound like a strange choice for a Muslim convert. In fact, for the NBA American basketball star-turned-filmmaker and writer, things hit close to home. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's late father, Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr.—an Afro-American police officer and jazz musician—was a member of the 761st Armored Division that liberated the Buchenwald Concentration Camp where eight-year-old Lau was one of the survivors. One of the World War II veteran's dying wishes was that his son go to Israel to meet the kid he remembered, who had become a famous rabbi. The two met for the first time 14 years ago.  

Lau said he still remembers vividly being lifted up by a tall black GI who scolded Germans forced to visit the camp: "Look at this sweet kid. He's not even eight years old and he was your enemy! He 'threatened' the Third Reich?!" 

Courtesy www.chelm-on-the-med.com 


Every diplomatic mission on the face of the earth is equipped with a huge set of dishes stamped with their state emblem used at official functions. However, due to kashrut requirements, Israeli missions must have two sets of dishes—one milk and one meat, a sizable investment. Over the years, however, the service for guests at the Israel embassy in Japan lost its luster, marred by small chips and little cracks. So Ambassador Nissim Ben Shitrit asked for replacements. Budget-conscious bureaucrats in Jerusalem dragged their feet. Diplomatic cables went back and forth between Tokyo and Jerusalem for months on end until Mother Nature took its course. 

The diplomatic tug-of-war ended when the embassy was dealt an unexpected trump card: tremors from the massive mid-March earthquake smashed umpteen pieces of the disputed service to smithereens. Bowls tottered off the shelf; teapots and saucers crashed to the tiled floor. 

Although thoroughly shaken by events, Ben Shitrit was hardly broken up over the opportune loss.  

Courtesy www.chelm-on-the-med.com 

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