U.S. House passes resolution supporting Israel, Illinois reps voice solidarity

On Friday, July 11, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 675, which supports Israel's right to defend itself against rocket fire from Gaza.

Members of the Illinois delegation in Congress have released statements voicing their support.

Rep. Cheri Bustos:

“I am deeply troubled by the recent developments in Israel and stand in solidarity with her people who are facing indiscriminate Hamas rocket fire from Gaza. I support Israel’s right to defend itself from these threats, and urge Israeli leaders to do their best to avoid civilian casualties as they respond and work to bring peace to the region.”

Rep. Rodney Davis:

“I strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself from the terrorist organization Hamas, which is firing rockets aimed at civilian populations. I would like to see an end to the bloodshed and a de-escalation of this conflict, but will continue to stand with Israel until Hamas agrees to put a stop to this."

Rep. William Enyart

 "Israeli values are American values, and the U.S. must continue to provide security assistance to Israel. As a retired two star General, I understand the dangers the Israeli people are facing every day -- and the difficult decision that was made to place Israeli lives in danger to wage a ground war against Hamas. Hamas must stop indiscriminately launching rockets into Israel, who has the right to defend herself against these attacks from Hamas."


Rep. Bill Foster:

"I stand with Israel in protecting it's citizens against the hundreds of rockets that Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza re indiscriminately firing at innocent Israeli civilians. Israel has a right to defend itself and live in peace. I lament the loss of the life caused in large part by Hamas' use of civilian populations as human shields, and regret that Hamas has chosen to walk away from the cease fire proposed by Egypt. The success of the Iron Dome missile defense system demonstrates once again how important it is for the United States to work with our ally Israel to ensure she has the necessary resources to defend against these attacks."

 Rep. Randy Hultgren:

“In strongest terms I condemn the provocative rocket attacks on the Israeli civilian population centers by Hamas, a known terrorist organization. Israel is a sovereign nation with the right to defend its people from these disturbing attacks which have continued for weeks. Above all, we must continue to seek peace in the region—hand-in-hand with our ally Israel.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger:

(One the passing of HR 657) "Today the House stood united in support of our ally Israel during these troubled times. While our first priority must always be peace, Israel has every right to defend itself from those who would kill innocent civilians without a second thought. Hamas must immediately end these cowardly attacks before regions violence escalates any further." 

Rep. Mike Quigley

"I strongly support Israel's right to defend itself and its citizens.

Hamas is a known terrorist organization whose stated goal is to use violent means to eradicate Israel and the Jewish people. During their eight-year reign over Gaza, Hamas has ignored the needs of the Palestinian people and instead invested millions of dollars to construct secret border tunnels, stockpile weapons, and subject Israeli citizens to indiscriminate rocket fire. Hamas has proven that it is bad for Gazans, bad for stability in the region and bad for peace.


The civilian casualties in the conflict are gut-wrenching and illustrate the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire. I have great hope for a long-term ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, so that Israel and the Palestinian Authority can work together toward lasting peace."

Rep. Peter Roskam:

“Over the past month, the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip has ramped up its vicious rocket barrage on the people of Israel. This reckless escalation of violence has forced millions of Israelis to take cover in bomb shelters out of fear for their lives. During these dangerous times, I firmly support Israel’s fundamental right to defend itself against these belligerent assaults on its civilians. We must continue to hold Hamas accountable for its actions and work with our ally Israel to restore peace and stability in the region.”

Rep. Brad Schneider:

“Families in Israel are once again hearing incessant alarm sirens and racing to bomb shelters as Hamas launches hundreds of rockets from Gaza targeting Israeli civilians. No nation would, nor should accept such attack without firm response. I support Israel’s right to defend herself against threats to her citizens and efforts to restore quiet to the region.”

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