Waiting for Quiet

I am a participant in the First International Dialog on the Israel Educator sponsored by the World Zionist Organization, the iCenter and the Government of Israel.  

This evening our program concluded in Tel Aviv. At about 7 p.m. I was having dinner with a friend at the Train Station when we heard a siren go off. The manager of the restaurant told us to stand near a wall which we did. A few seconds later we saw the white smoke and about 15 seconds later heard the boom of the Iron Dome shooting down an incoming missile. A few minutes later we returned to our tables and a few minutes after that the manager came around with drinks for all. Our program continued as planned for the evening. 

On our bus returning to Jerusalem we heard that a siren went off in the city and a missile hit somewhere outside the city. No one knows whether we will have a quiet night and what to expect tomorrow. Reservists have been called up, the air force is hitting targets in Gaza, a group of terrorists attempting to infiltrate from the sea were killed, and rockets continue to fall not only on the south but now in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas. 

We are hopeful for quiet and peace but Israel is getting ready for the all alternatives. 

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