Stories and analysis about Israel and the Israeli people. 


The Senior Fellows of JUF's Write On for Israel program traveled to Washington, DC, this week for an intensive two-day experience focused on issues of importance to Chicago's pro-Israel community. 

A divestment referendum was defeated by a 2:1 margin.

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Our temple had broken with mainstream Reform over a decade before over the movement’s rejection of Zionism. Now, in 1961, my brother was in the congregation’s first generation reared on Israel and Zionism as core elements.


Honeymoon Israel-a trip to Israel for adults in committed relationships-seeks to help young couples answer big questions about their Jewish identity.


Barukh Binah sat comfortably on a couch in his duplex apartment, his ankles approaching a coffee table whose shelf displayed large picture books on Chicago and on Washington. Behind him, floor-to-ceiling windows looked out onto Kfar Sava in central Israel. Classical music played.


Their Birthright Israel trip was titled "Israel with Israelis," but for Dan and Sam Eisenberg it might as well have been called "Brother with Brother."


Write On for Israel, Diller Teen Fellows, Beber Camp, and Ta'am Yisrael provide unique opportunities to explore their Jewish identity alongside their peers.


Masa offers gap year, study abroad, internship, service, and post-college programs for Jewish young adults between the ages of 18 and 30.


Students live in Tel Aviv and spend four days a week interning at top Israeli businesses and organizations, while one day per week is spent learning about contemporary Israeli society.

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"Chaverim, I want to tell you about …." And so began our days on the bus during our JUF Couples Mission to Israel this past fall.

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