Stories and analysis about Israel and the Israeli people. 

Life living as Israeli

It was abouthalfway through my month-long excursion to Israel that I found myself dining on the porch of Vong, a Vietnamese restaurant located directly across the street from Independence Hall.

Hebrew School child

We will have many ups and downs, and I will sometimes question the price he is paying, but for now, Idan is stepping forward with an open mind.

We mourn the loss of Shimon Peres photo

JUF has issued the following statement on the death of the Hon. Shimon Peres.

The Israeli Supreme Court justice joined Chicago faith and community leaders in conversation on Sept. 16.

Israel Move

Our 9-year-old, Idan, and I are chatting with a friend ’s father, before a playdate.

Diller Israel 2016

Diller Teen Fellows returned home Tuesday morning after a three-week seminar in Israel.

Transgender soldier

Sitting before a group of 60 peers would rarely be difficult for a highly-trained military officer, but this time was different.

Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs and State Sen. Don Harmon recently returned from an intensive four-day mission to Israel.

“We are horrified by these wanton acts of terror. We say: Enough." David T. Brown, JUF’s Jewish Community Relations Council 

Doctor Octopus is Spider-Man’s nemesis, but real doctors are learning from a real octopus how to improve surgical methods during “keyhole” surgery.

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