Israel Stories

Documentary tells the story of real IDF soldiers

Most American Jews have an incomplete picture of what life is like in the Israeli army.

3/2/2015 1:59:00 PM

From inches to metric

Building a home in Jerusalem 

3/2/2015 1:47:47 PM

K’zohar Ha-Ivrit: Ya-yin –Wine

We are blessed with two holidays this season, Purim and Pesach. 

3/2/2015 1:41:08 PM

Israel Science and Technology Mar.

Everything from flying your fighter jet upside down to emerging from a subway tunnel can lead to...

3/2/2015 11:55:41 AM

Largest ever Ta'am Yisrael trip returns

Two hundred and fourteen students from 33 synagogue schools in the Chicago area and Chicago Jewish...

2/19/2015 3:11:06 PM

Honeymoon in Israel

We couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to spend the first five months of our marriage...

2/5/2015 11:01:36 AM

Samson returns

The second successful Shimshon Mission visits Israel 

2/3/2015 2:56:13 PM

K’zohar Ha-Ivrit: Tevah—Nature

As a noun, te-vah has several meanings.

2/3/2015 2:33:28 PM

Israel Science and Technology Feb.

"We thought it would be great to have some contraption for making meals materialize with no fuss...

2/3/2015 2:24:53 PM

MLA Members for Scholars' Rights applauds MLA decision not to consider boycott of Israel

The MLA Members for Scholars' Rights applauds the recent decision by the Modern Language...

1/9/2015 9:49:49 AM

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