Chicago Siblings Serve in IDF

sibs in IDF image
The Israeli military newspaper Yediot HaGalil recently ran a story, headlined "From Chicago with Love" on two Chicago-area siblings, Arielle and Jack Matanky, both in their early 20s. The article discussed their decision to make aliyah and serve in the IDF, following their older siblings, Gene and Katie. Arielle and Jack were the first two counselors in JUF's Kefiada-Dati program, an English-speaking Orthdox summer day camp that runs in the Shafir part of JUF's Partnership Together Region. The siblings also studied in yeshivot for a year prior to their military service. Now, Arielle trains IDF volunteers and Jack is stationed with his unit; they are being hosted by different families at Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi. For more information or an application to become a  Kefiada-Dati counselor, please

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