Local Jewish institutions attend special security conference

Marc Maton image
Illinois State Police Col. Mark Maton

The Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, which became effective earlier this year, has ramifications for institutions as well as individual gun owners. And Jewish institutions, which have unique security issues, are especially impacted.  Although individuals in Illinois now have expanded conceal and carry rights, individual institutions have their own rights and obligations as well to protect their premises, staff and visitors.

To learn more on this topic, 50 Jewish institutional leaders (representing day schools, synagogues and agencies) attended a special security conference convened yesterday by JUF’s Facilities Corporation at the Bernard Horwich JCC.

Illinois State Police Col. Mark Maton explained the statute, its implementation, how it affects organizations, and other law enforcement-related issues in his presentation.

Larry Moss, an attorney with Seyfarth/Shaw LLP, discussed liability issues, posting of notice for owners and leased property, and other real estate and legal matters, and Peter Kim, assistant vice president of Philadelphia Insurance Company, discussed risk management and insurance coverage, including necessary riders to current policies, and coverage of armed security personnel. 

JUF Executive Vice President Jay Tcath said, “Leveraging the security relationships, experience and expertise of our Facilities Corporation to benefit the entire Jewish community is a JUF priority. Remaining ever vigilant, not just in the immediate aftermath of a high profile security incident, is a challenging but vital. We’re grateful for the partnership of the Illinois State Police, and our law enforcement partners at the federal, county and local level, who do so much to help us keep our community facilities secure and welcoming.”

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