Thinking about making an Israel Experience part of your child’s future?

Would you like to bring Jewish identity and history to life for your child?  Plan ahead and enroll your son/daughter in the Gift of Israel program now. This Israel Experience Savings program will enable your relatives and friends to help your child save for a future Israel Experience program during high school, college or beyond (to age 26). Making an Israel Experience part of your child's future is a great idea-schools encourage it, employers value it and they get the opportunity to do something outrageous and fulfilling while exploring their roots. 

There are so many programs available that one is bound to match your child's needs. While the price tag for an Israel Experience might seem out of reach, by opening a special interest-bearing savings account in your child's name within six months of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you will be able to start saving early. Then, over the years, additional gifts can be added to mark birthdays, holidays, graduations and other special occasions. The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago offers a variety of Israel Experience savings and incentive programs in addition to the Gift of Israel, including SKIP (The Send-a-Kid-to-Israel Partnership), Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israel Experience Certificates and Walk with Israel Vouchers, as well as financial need- and merit-based Israel Experience scholarships, all of which may be used in conjunction with one another.   

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