Next on 'Sanctuary:' Some Jewish thoughts about comedy, parenting and football

In a world awash in ideas and opinions, there seems to be a uniquely Jewish perspective on just about everything. And now there is a uniquely Jewish forum to explore those insights: ELI Talks.

The next episode of the public-affairs program “Sanctuary” – which airs at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17, on ABC7-Channel 7 – offers just a taste of the work of ELI Talks, a video home for short talks on just about anything Jewish, or the Jewish perspective on just about anything.

Featured will be highlights from three talks recently taped in Chicago in cooperation with JUF News.

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg cuts through the chaos of raising children to reveal the unending spiritual treasures awaiting any parent open to embracing them.

Rabbi Daniel Bronstein says it’s time to take Jewish comedy, and the important role it plays in the Jewish community, more seriously.

And Rabbi Jeremy Fine contends that the keys to creating a vibrant, vital synagogue can be found in the NFL draft.

This episode is hosted by Cindy Sher.

Starting Monday, Aug. 18, the program will be available for viewing on the Jewish United Fund website,

ELI Talks is a project of the AVI CHAI Foundation, produced by the team at See3 Communications. “Sanctuary” is a joint production of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago and the Chicago Board of Rabbis, in cooperation with ABC7-Channel 7.

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