What are you wishing for in 5775?

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Rotem Yehudai and her friend in Israel.

JUF News asked some readers around town and in Israel to tell us their wishes for the new year--and here's what they said. Peace in Israel and around the world topped the list for readers. May it be a sweet and peaceful year for all!

David Goldenberg, Highland Park

I wish for a year of health, nachas (pride), and smachot (joy) for my family, friends, and loved ones.  May it be a year that brings calm and peace to Israel and when extremism is overwhelmed by those who share a commitment to coexistence, respect, and tolerance.

Ellen Hattenbach, Deerfield

My biggest hope is to get to Israel and enjoy our people, food, music, weather, culture and strength.

Simone Miller, Northbrook (Age 11)


Michael Golden, Chicago

I know it's a bit selfish with the world out of control, but I wish for my mother's health.  She's been dealing with daily pain for so many years, and I want her time now to be peaceful and enjoyable.  If I could snap my fingers and have one wish come true, I would drain all her pain away in a heartbeat.   

Rotem Yehudai, Ben-Gurion University student from Mabuim, Israel (on the Gaza border), who has spoken in Chicago for JUF events.

My hope for the Jewish new year is that the whole world would see the Jewish people for who we really are-peaceful people.

Sandy Rockind, Chicago

Learn not to panic! Smile more. Laugh often. Actually laugh out loud-in person. Worry less. Be a better daughter, sister, friend. Travel. I wish for a bigger, better year filled with unexpected amazing surprises. And I wish everyone a Shana Tova-may you, your family, and the state of Israel be granted a blessed year.

Josh Rothenberg, Chicago

Having just come back from Israel, it would be nice to see sustained peace in that part of the world. Sometimes I don't feel like we're as far as off as people think we are. 

Harold Gerber, Chicago

In the new year, I hope that humanity will trump extreme religious beliefs. I hope whatever higher power that exists will fix what we cannot. Too many people are dying, too much anger boils, and not enough creativity prevails. I hope we can evolve into a population of cohabitants that can share the same soil.

David Passman, Chicago

At my age? To consider this question all over again--one year from now.                                      



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