Create Your Jewish Legacy: Dave Feldman

Dave Feldman was a well-known celebrity who passed away at age 85. His passion for horse racing made him an icon in the industry. He worked as a newspaper reporter, announcer, and a thoroughbred trainer. Dave's wife Fern and horse racing were two of his greatest loves. Going to work was very easy for him. Even with a heart condition, and stuck in the hospital, Dave never missed a deadline. 

His claim to fame was handicapping horses, which he did for over 60 years. Dave picked winning horses better than anyone else, and he let everyone know it. Even at age 15, people were asking him to pick horses for them. 

Dave loved all facets of horse racing, especially the social aspect. He made friends at the track with the $2 betters, the high rollers, the jockeys and just about everyone else. He was honored in 1986 by the Illinois racing industry with a Dave Feldman Day at Hawthorne Race Course.

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Neil Steinberg wrote a story about Dave helping a friend who had a sick horse. In the article titled "The Man Who Would Be King," Neil wrote that Dave took one look at the horse and fed it a quart of brandy with a syringe. The next day the horse was running around like a champ. 

Dave will be remembered as a wonderful storyteller, a true character, great friend, and hard worker to all that knew him. His great sense of humor was even evident in his will, where he left a friend a one-year subscription to the Daily Racing Form

Dave made his mark on the racing community when he was alive and to the Jewish community in his passing. Dave and Fern left a generous gift to the JUF in their will. To learn how you can create your Jewish Legacy, contact Legacies and Endowments at (312) 357-4975 or email: 

Ron Krit is the manager of Endowment Development for the Legacies and Endowments department of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago.


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