Israeli star David Broza headlines Chicago’s Israel@70 celebration

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David Broza Photo: Gil Lavi
One of the stalwarts of Israel's music scene since the late 1970s, David Broza will headline the Chicago Jewish community's celebration of Israel's 70th birthday this month.

The Yom Ha'atzmaut/Israel Independence Day celebration presents David Broza & Friends, with a special appearance by the Chicago Children's Choir, on Wednesday, April 18, at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, 205 E. Randolph St. in Chicago. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and the concert starts at 7:30 p.m. The evening also will feature Titi Aynaw, the first Israeli-Ethiopian to win the Miss Israel title. 

The celebration, co-chaired by Lynn and Skip Schrayer, is presented in partnership with the Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest. Tickets prices are $36 and $70, and $18 of each ticket will help at-risk children in JUF's Israeli partner region, providing academic enrichment, psychological and emotional therapies, and after-school activities. 

Asked about his feelings on Israel's milestone anniversary, Broza said, "Seventy is a big number. But in historical terms, Israel is a fresh, young country. Israel is in headlines everywhere, every day. For thinkers, writers and commentators everywhere, it's still a fresh reality." 

Broza's fondness for Chicago began more than 10 years ago, when WTTW TV aired a sunrise concert of his staged on Masada, with guest star Jackson Browne. "Part of Chicago has been in me" ever since, said Broza.

While noting that Chicago boasts a diverse population, Broza said that Israel is even more eclectic. "The demography changes constantly, with a vastness of different people from every corner of the world. It's so diverse-there are some 120 nationalities in Israel."

Broza sings in Hebrew, English and Spanish, singing both original lyrics and poetry from around the world that he sets to music. His virtuosic guitar playing pulls from Middle Eastern and flamenco sounds as well as blues, folk and rock. 

Israel influences infuse Broza's art as well. "Israel is something to be inspired by. It has developed so much music-Idan Raichel, Noa, rappers Hadag Nahash. The scene is very rich; there is everything from folk to jazz, rock to country. It has some of the most important stages. It produces movies seen worldwide. On an artistic level, there is so much going on."

Through Israel's embrace of Jews from around the world, there is now a place where Jews can "blend and infuse society with new talent. When you look at all Israel has achieved in just 70 years, only imagine what comes next!" 

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