JUF condemns latest chemical attacks in Syria

syria hospital image
A Syrian child gets treated for injuries at Galilee Medical Center.

The chemical attacks in Syria this week provoked an outcry from world leaders and organizations trying to help those affected by the ongoing crisis.

On April 4, Rabbi Michael Balinsky, Executive Vice President of the Chicago Board of Rabbis, and Steven Dishler, JUF Assistant Vice President for International & Public Affairs, participated in a press conference organized by the Syrian American Medical Society condemning the chemical bombings, which have killed over 70 Syrian children, women and men, and injured hundreds. 

The U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, and the United Nations accused the Syrian regime -- supported by Russia and Iran -- of perpetrating the attack.

"In a war that has already inflicted incomprehensible horrors on millions of innocent civilians, this latest chemical attack conducted by the Assad regime reached a new level of depravity," said David T. Brown, chair of JUF's Jewish Community Relations Council. "The Assad regime and its allies must be held accountable for their war crimes. The Chicago Jewish community joins together with our friends in the Syrian community in condemning this heinous act and will continue to raise awareness on the current humanitarian crisis and provide assistance to the Syrian people through our Aleppo Assistance Fund."

Through the Jewish Federation Aleppo Assistance Fund, with the assistance of 268 donors, the Chicago community has provided a total of $118,892 in aid thus far to assist victims of the humanitarian crisis. 

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Last week, JUF funds supplied the Galilee Medical Center in Israel with a mobile auditory brainstem response device for its Syrian children's clinic , which sees as many as 50 children a week injured in the conflict, many of whom suffer from head and neck injuries. 


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