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Donor Advised Funds

The Donor Advised Fund Program at the Jewish Federation has been helping donors simplify their giving since 1971.  Our Donor Advised Fund Program offers you an easy way to better manage and organize your philanthropy.

A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable giving account that allows you to recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations of your choice, take advantage of the highest charitable tax deduction available, and make your charitable giving simple, effective and satisfying.

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Establishing a Donor Advised Fund

  1. Start your fund with a $1,000 minimum contribution to the Jewish Federation of cash, appreciated stock or other assets. Get started today!
  2. Recommend an investment option to help your earnings grow tax-free.
  3. Recommend donations to your favorite charities by completing the Grant Recommendation form. The Jewish Federation prepares and mails the checks for you.
  4. Grants are processed and mailed twice a month. See the Grant Recommendation Deadline chart (PDF) for receipt and distribution dates.

Donor Benefits

  • Immediate tax deduction regardless of when distributions are made.
  • Simplified record keeping and paperwork for easy tax preparation.
  • Your fund assets grow tax free.

Fee Structure

A tiered schedule is operative for assets up to $5 million. The first $2.5 million in assets are charged at a higher rate, with a decline in charges on the second $2.5 million.

Yearly Assessment


A flat expense schedule is used for assets from $5,000,001 to $20,000,000. If the total assets in an investment vehicle fall within this range, the total assets will be charged one flat rate:


Assets of more than $20 million may be assessed lower fees and can be discussed with Donor Advised Program staff.

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The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago does not provide legal advice. Donors are encouraged to consult their independent tax and legal counsel.