Planned Giving

Gifts of Securities

A gift of appreciated securities is a popular alternative to a cash gift because it actually saves taxes twice. You receive an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of your securities (if you’ve held them for more than one year) plus you also save the capital gain tax on the appreciation.

Marketable Securities

Give publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value. Receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the securities on the date the gift is made. In addition, pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation.

  • If your stock is in a broker account, please instruct your broker to transfer the stock to JUF electronically as follows:
Broker name: Muriel Siebert & Company
DTC number: 0226
JUF account no.: 0N2-886661
  • If you hold the stock certificate(s) yourself, mail them (unsigned) and a completed stock power form (PDF) to the address below. Sign a stock power for each certificate exactly as your name appears on the face of the certificate and mail the certificates and signed stock power to us separately via certified mail.

Jewish United Fund
30 S. Wells St., Suite 4050
Chicago, IL 60606

- If stock is registered in more than one name, each person must sign the stock power form.

- If you are giving more than one type of stock, send a stock power form for each stock.

Notify JUF before making your gift of securities. Include the date, stock name, and number of shares. Without prior notification, stock gifts transferred to JUF without the identity of the donor, make it difficult to credit and acknowledge the donor.

If you have any questions please call Larry Wolf at 312-357-4784 or email


The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago does not provide legal advice. Donors are encouraged to consult their independent tax and legal counsel.