Planned Giving

Centennial Projects and Programs

At the dawn of the new century, the Jewish Federation is actively preparing for the many challenges that face our community in the decades ahead. 

Together with our local and overseas beneficiary agencies, we have identified initiatives that will provide some answers to growing needs in the Jewish community.

There is a wide range of projects with varying price tags, and donors may fund all or part of a project that piques their interest. Following is a small sample of projects for which we are seeking endowment gifts through The Centennial Campaign.

Current Projects

Community Foundation For Jewish Education (CFJE) Ta'am Yisrael: A Taste Of Israel
In Chicago, more than 50% of students drop-out of formal Jewish education programs between the 7th and 9th grades.  By senior year, that number has increased to 90%.  Sadly, students who leave the Jewish educational system rarely return. This stark r ...

Cooperative Community Based Program For Jewish Young Adults With Developmental Disabilities (Co-Op)
In our community, there are many young disabled adults who are isolated at home, without anything to stimulate their minds or increase their self-sufficiency. Most of these individuals face a lifetime of care.

HIAS Chicago's Citizenship Services
For nearly 100 years, every Jewish refugee who has come to our community has walked through the doors of HIAS Chicago. And for each of these refugees who yearned for freedom and security, two dates are inscribed in their hearts and minds: the date th ...

The Jewish Healing Network of Chicago (JHNC)
At this moment, there are thousands of individuals in the Chicago Jewish community who are struggling with illness or loss, who are in need of emotional, spiritual, and/or practical support. Fortunately, JHNC is here to offer the comfort of human con ...