BreakAway: Ta’am Ivrit

The Best Way to Learn Hebrew is to Live It

Grab your friends and head to Wisconsin for BreakAway. With five different specialized projects, there's something for every interest.

Ta'am Ivrit teens will get to try out a bunch of different activities like cooking, Aerial Adventure Course, art and much more, while learning Hebrew. This breakout is open to Hebrew speakers of all levels.  Teens will also learn about Israeli history and culture. For those returning from JUF's Ta'am Yisrael trip, this is great way to remain connected to your friends from the trip. Also, this program follows the Ulpan Or method of learning which is the same curriculum used in Chicago area public High Schools to teach Hebrew language - so teens can get a head start on or further their second language requirement.

You'll also have time to hang out with other BreakAway participants during joint meals, evening and late night programs, trips and more.

Program Highlights

  • Spend the week at Camp Chi with other Chicagoland teens
  • Learn Hebrew while doing many of your favorite camp activities
  • Native- speaking instructors and authentic Israeli atmosphere
  • Hang out in the evenings with all BreakAway participants at special events, campfires and more
Perlstein Resort at Camp Chi
Monday, March 27- Friday, March 31
Hebrew, Israeli history and Culture, Foreign Language Skills, Camp Favorites


Q: My friend is participating in a different BreakAway project. Will I get to see him/her?
A: Yes. The great part about BreakAway is you can spend the day immersed in what interests you, and still get to hang out with your friends and all the teens from the other projects during meals, night activities, trips and down time.

Q: I didn't attend Ta'am Yisrael - is this breakout only for past participants?
A: Not at all! While this is a great opportunity for those who attended Ta'am Yisrael to reconnect, it is open to all Chicagoland teens.

Q: Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?
A: Special diets and food allergies can be accommodated. All food and preparation follows Kosher guidelines and is cooked in a CRC certified Kosher kitchen.