Background on support for pluralistic funding

In 2017 JUF provided $300,000 for pluralistic programs in Israel and $150,000 for pluralistic and Jewish education programs in Ukraine. This support is directed toward Progressive (Reform), Masorti (Conservative), Modern Orthodox streams and religious programs that are non-affilated.

Overview of Program Grants

The following 15 streams programs in Israel received support from JUF in 2017.

In Israel

Progressive (Reform) Movement – Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism - $102,000

  • L'Chaim: One-Stop Center for Lifecycle Events and Holidays
  • U'faratztah-new communities initiative
  • Russian-speaking community programs

Masorti (Conservative) Movement and Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies - $102,000

Masorti Movement Programs:

  • NOAM Gap year and Army programs
  • NOAM National activities

Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies Programs:

  • Torah L'Shma
  • Neve Schechter 70 Voices
  • Mishlei-Maccabee Center for Pluralistic Leadership
  • TALI Gan in Kiryat Gat

Modern Orthodox and Transdenominational - $96,000

  • Yaacov Herzog Center - Beit Midrash for Students in the South of Israel
  • Yaacov Herzog Center - Midreshet Torah and Avoda: Judaism and Humanistic Values
  • Ohr Torah Stone – Women's Institute of Halakhic Leadership
  • Tzohar - Tikun Leil Shavuot Learning Program
  • BINA - Yeshivat BINA in Be'er Sheva
  • JFNA - iRep

In Kyiv, Ukraine

In 2017, JUF allocated $150,000 for pluralistic and Jewish education programs in Kyiv. 

World Union for Progressive Judaism (Reform)

  • Progressive Jewish Seminars and Summer Camps

Midreshet Yerushalayim (Conservative)

  • Masorti (Conservative) Programming
  • Masorti Jewish Summer Camps

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

  • Jewish Kyiv Explorers

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

  • Volunteerism Among Young Adults

World ORT

  • Jewish teacher stipends at the ORT Technology Lyceum in Kiev

Hillel Kyiv

  • Jewish Holiday Seminar
  • Ambulance of Wishes