Teenage Rebellion

Toby Klein

by Toby Klein for JUF News

"So who exactly is going to take you seriously," a neighbor laughs. "Don't underestimate us," I warned. "You'll soon see we're more than Jewish summer camp rejects..." Read More »

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Eli Marienthal

Eli Marienthal

Eli was most recently in Lindsay Lohan's Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, now on DVD; Carol Kane was also in it.

When it comes to playing siblings, Eli excels. He played Stifler's brother in the first two American Pie movies (with Eugene Levy)... 

...and Natasha Lyonne's brother Rickey Abromowitz in a great movie called Slums of Beverly Hills. Adam Arkin was also in Slums, as was David Krumholtz and Natasha Lyonne. Slums is about a not-very-rich Jewish family who cares about education so much they scrimp and save to make sure their kids go to the excellent Beverly Hills schools.

Speaking of siblings, Eli's sister is Flora Cross, also an actor.

Eli's voice-over work runs from The Country Bears to TV's Batman Beyond. He also voices the starring role in the excellent animation The Iron Giant, about a boy who befriends a robot from outer space. Jennifer Aniston plays the boy's mom and Vin Diesel does the voice of the robot-- check it out!

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