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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

You know Sarah as Carrie, the main character on the smash comedy Sex and the City, which is also now a couple of movies! Evan Handler's in them, too, just like in the show.

Next, Sarah's in a sci-fi spoof called Escape from Planet Earth! How do we know it's a spoof, if it's not out yet? Well, the movie's hero character is named "Scorch Supernova." So there's that... but this is not Sarah's first vernture into sci-fi. Earlier, she was in Mars Attacks! with Natalie Portman and Flight of the Navigator with Jewish actor Paul Reubens.

But mostly, Sarah is in movies about strong women. Like Family Affair, about a reeeally awkward family situation, and in The Ivy Chronicles, about a mom who loses her husband, job, and apartment! We hope she has seen The Pursuit of Happyness. She was also the star of Failure to Launch, with Justin Bartha. And Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler was about powerful, if evil, witches.

She even plays a woman who does it all. How? No one knows! In fact, the movie is called I Don't Know How She Does It. Do you know? How Do You Know? Wait, that's someone else's movie!

Then, months after New Year's Eve, she was in New Year's Eve. Invited to the party are Zac EfronLea MicheleSara Paxton, and some huge stars like Robert De Niro amd Michelle Pfeiffer. And in Spinning into Butter, which is not about making popcorn (too bad!) but about a campus crime.

Sarah's other movies include L.A. Story with Rick Moranis in which she is the ditzy SanDeE* (yes, with a st*r!). She also was in Honeymoon in Vegas with James Caan. And she was in three movies in 2006, including Grandma's Boy with Rob Schneider.

What you may not know is that Sarah is a trained singer and dancer… and has been in a lot of musicals! She was Annie in, duh, Annie for two years on Broadway, and was one of the kids in Sound of Music alongside a bunch of her 8 actual brothers and sisters! Later, she was in a musical called (deep breath) How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with her husband, superstar Matthew Broderick! (All of these musicals were written by Jews, by the way.)

Even one of her movies, Footloose, was a musical (they re-made it with Zac in the lead). Sarah got her first TV appearance when she was only 8, and also danced ballet and sang opera as a kid. On stage, we mean, not in her bedroom. Speaking of songs, one of Sarah's earliest projects was a movie with Helen Hunt called Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It was a teen romp based on a song with that name by Cyndi Lauper, an '80s pop star!

Sarah got her TV-show start on Square Pegs, one the best shows about teens ever (finally on DVD!); Jami Gertz was in that, too. Later, Sarah would be nominated for an Emmy five times for Sex in the City before winning.

When Sarah was a kid, she had to share clothes with her sisters. But when she hosted the MTV Awards, she made up for it by wearing 15 different outfits in one night! (We bet she shared them later.)


Sarah is very open about being Jewish-- like her just-as-famous husband-- and was even in a bunch of Shalom Sesame episodes. That's Sesame Street's Israeli version!

Instead of Big Bird they have a big pink hedgehog named Kippi, and instead of Grover they have a Muppet named Moshe Oofnick.

Hey-- you think we could make this up?!? See for yourself!

Bonus Bonus:

Did you know? Some Jews live on Sesame Street! Will Lee, who played shopkeeper Mr. Hooper for almost 15 years, was.

And Frank Oz, who did the hands and voice of Bert, Grover, and Cookie Monster. Then, in the Muppet Show and the Muppet Movie series, he was Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal and Sam the American Eagle. And he directed the third Muppet movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Oh, and Frank is also Yoda in the Star Wars films! Cool, is that not? (Fun it is, like Yoda to talk!)

But we bet you didn't know that the Muppets made cool sci-fi fanstasy films, too-- Frank acted in Labyrnith and directed The Dark Crystal.

As human actor, Frank had a cameo in Blues Brothers with Carrie Fisher, Trading Places with Jamie Lee Curtis, and Spies Like Us. All three of these films were directed by Jewish filmmaker John Landis, by the way.

And as a director himself, Frank made a bunch of movies with Steve Martin: Bowfinger, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, HouseSitter (with Goldie Hawn), and Little Shop of Horrors, one of our Movies of the Month!

He also directed In & Out with Kevin Kline and What About Bob? with Richard Dreyfuss. One of his first was The Indian in the Cupboard.

Sometimes, it's nice to thank guys like Frank, who do so much behind the scenes!

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