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Pink took so long to come out with one of her albums, she called it I'm Not Dead! No, Pink is very much alive. In fact, she was up for some 2006 Grammy Awards. She did not repeat her success of Best Female Rock Vocal of 2003, though.

Her latest is called Funhouse, and it's about a breakup that, well, she doesn't seem all that broken up about. Like the opening song goes: "So what, I'm still a rock star!"

Alecia "Pink" Moore was born near Philadelphia and has had that nickname since she was a kid, although she changes the story of how she got it. She was performing as a dancer by the time she was 13 and writing her own songs by 14. She was brought along as a backup singer when a band signed with a major R&B label. The band, um, disbanded, but she so impressed the producers they helped her make her first album!

Called Can't Take Me Home, it had three hits in the Top Ten and went double-platinum. She then toured as an opener for 'NSync and sang on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Her songs also are on the soundtracks of several super sequels: Miss Congeniality 2, Princess Diaries 2, and Charlie's Angels 2. 2 cool!

But her biggest success came with her next album, Mizundaztood. (Um, maybe she would be better "undaztood" if she spelled better!) This was the album with the song "Get the Party Started," which cracked the Top Five.

Her third album Try This, scored her a Grammy. And the album I'm Not Dead has one of our fave songs of hers, "Stupid Girls," a group to which Pink surely does not belong!

In the video of that song, she plays the first woman president. We wish!

Pink's songs are in a lot of other movie soundtracks, too: Mean GirlsSave the Last Dance, White Chicks, Princess Diaries... even Happy Feet!

Too bad they don't allow dancing in the movie theater when her songs come on... People keep throwing popcorn at us when we try.


Another Jewish pop singer who  blazed her own path was Lesley Gore. Way back in the 1960s, she let everyone know that, “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to,” and “You Don’t Own Me.” “It’s My Party” was her first song, and it went straighto to #1. Then it really was her party... and she was only 16!

She sang in the girl-group style, but she was a solo singer. Hunh? No problem for studio wiz Quincy Jones (Rashida’s dad!) who used multiple tracks of Lesely’s voice and some backup singers to make her sound like a whole group! Lesley sang "Judy's Turn to Cry," "She's a Fool," "That's the Way Boys Are," and  "Maybe I Know"... while The Beatles were still singing puppy-love songs like “Love Me Do,” “Please Please Me,” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

Lesley soon was holding her own with the big boys— showing up on TV with James Brown, Smokey Robinson, and The Rolling Stones and in an episode of Batman. Her hits stopped coming while it was still the ‘60s. But by then, she was going to college instead of trying to be the bggest popstar in the world.

Also, she kept on as a singer and songwriter. She was nominated or an Oscar in the 1980s for the song “Out Here On My Own,” from the musical movie Fame. More recently, she has started recording again, and had a hit in the 2000s with the song “Ever Since,” which has ended up in TV shows and movies. It’s still her party!

If women like Pink can say— and sing— what they want now, it’s because brave women like Lesley went first!

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