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Logan O’Brien

Logan O'Brien

Soap fans know Logan as Lucas Jones from General Hospital. More recently, he was in Serenity with David Krumholtz. This sci-fi adventure was created by the same Joss Whedon who gave us Buffy. And Logan was also in the play Bleacher Bums, which is about die-hard Cubbies fans!

His first role came when he was six, and he has since been in Malcolm in the Middle with Justin Berfeld and Mad About You with Jewish actors Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt (whose dad is Jewish!). And, in the fall of 2006, he will enter 11th grade! Then again, Logan skipped 1st grade completely, and did the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades in two years. He speaks both French and Hebrew... and it, seems, he's pretty good at English, too!

In the future, Logan wants to continue acting, but what he really wants to do in direct. He's even narrated a video on how to shoot a digital movie... for his own production company! Logan also wants to become a lawyer and defend the environment. He needs to have nature available so he can swim, bike, snowboard, and ride horses in it. And Logan already knows kung-fu, so those lumberjacks better watch out!


Logan's website lists his favorite foods as including "bagels and lox." And the only "pork" his resume mentions is his pet Molly, the pot- bellied pig! (No word on how Molly gets along with Logan's other pets- three dogs and three cats.)

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