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Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes

Looks like we found us a real Jewish prince! Well, OK, he only plays a prince, but it’s Prince Caspian! From Narnia! That’s like Harry Potter being Jewish. Oh, wait, he is!

For his role as Prince Caspian, Ben needed an accent, so he borrowed one from Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride!

Now, we’ve had Jewish actors play a Hobbit, (Sean Astin), and a Jedi, and an Avenger , and a Vulcan and a Vampire Slayer, and even Spider-Man. Now we just need a Jewish Batman, and Jewish James Bond, and Jewish Dr. Who!

See, if you’re a fan of fantasy movies, then you are a fan of Ben’s. Even before the Narnia series, he was in Stardust, based on a Neil Gaiman story. Also, he was in a very early fantasy novel, about a man who stays young and handsome while a painting of himself grows uglier with each evil deed he commits. It’s called The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Ben plays the title character in the 2009 movie version. The original story was written by Oscar Wilde… back in 1890!

Ben’s new movie is also a fantasy. It’s called Seventh Son, and there is a very old legend that the seventh son of a seventh son possesses mystical powers. The movie is about a guy who is such a person, only he doesn’t know it or how to use his power. Fortunately, there is an older one (played by Jeff Bridges) to teach him. Unfortunately, he needs to learn fast, so he can defeat a powerful witch!

But Ben can do “normal” movies, too. God Only Knows is a mob movie, The Big Wedding is (yet!) another all-star wedding comedy, The Words is a drama about an author who commits plagiarism, Killing Bono is about an Irish band that was eclipsed by U2, Easy Virtue is about an American woman who marries into-- and shakes up-- a stuffy British family… and Locked In is about a guy who thinks his daughter, who is in a coma, is talking to him telepathically. OK, so that last one’s not so normal!

Ben got his start in TV, though, in a British soap called simply Doctors. It’s been running for 15 years!

en is British himself. He was born in London and went to college there. But he didn’t start his acting career in fantasy or even Shakespeare. Nope-- musicals! He was even in the band for one, a show called Bugsy Malone (in the American movie version, all the actors are 18 or younger!)

Ben, who stands six-foot-one, has the nickname “B squared” because his initals are BB! Like in Killing Bono, he was in a band that did not win the Eurovision song contest. And, in true rockstar-wannabe fashion, his favorite movie is Spinal Tap!

And he was also almost Edward Cullen! And then he lost an MTV Movie Award-- to Robert Pattinson! D’oh!

Don't worry, Ben, you're still a winner in our eyes. We think you're a real... prince of a guy!


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