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Kelly Osbourne

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We might have to move Kelly out of our "reality stars" category because she is about to become an actor in a big-deal movie! She's going to be in Should've Been Romeo with Ed Asner, Carol Kane, Michael Rapaport, and Renee Taylor, among others. (I'm glad I wasn't Romeo, myself. Not to spoil the play, but he didn't live to hear the applause at the end...!)

And now she's in So Undercover, about an FBI agent who goes undercover in a college sorority. Jeremy Piven is in it, too. The movie, not the sorority!

In a reality-TV landscape littered with the "stars" fallen from memory, Kelly is still standing… and even dancing! She was on Dancing with the Stars, making it very far in the competition.

Her dad, Ozzy, is a legendary British heavy-metal musician, but even though the Emmy-winning reality show The Osbournes was about him and his family, Kelly has really emerged as a star in her own right. She has appeared on other reality shows, like I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! and Big Brother, on VH1's Behind the Music, and on the sketch show MADtv. She has presented awards on the Emmys, Grammys, and MTV Awards. She has even had her own show, Project Catwalk.

After visiting Japan with her family for a special, she returned on her own to explore some of the more insider-y aspects of Japanese culture. She even studied in a school for samurai warriors, and learned to use one of their swords! The foxtrot doesn't seem so tough after that, we bet!

Lately, Kelly has been doing more acting. Earlier, she popped up in the Muppet version of The Wizard of Oz! No doubt there was a joke about her dad, who had an album called, Bilzzard of Ozz. Also, she was in the third Austin Powers movie.

But now she is doing more acting in character as opposed to being "Kelly Osbourne" onscreen. She plays Deborah in the show Life As We Know It, is in an episode of Hotel Babylon, and is in a new horror film like half of Hollywood. And she was a voice in the animation Live Freaky Die Freaky— her character's name was Sharon, which is her mom's name! Now that's freaky. Her next project will be in a miniseries Hollywood Forever based on a novel by Nicole Richie.

Like her dad, Kelly sings, too and has recorded a couple of albums. She did a duet with her dad on one of his old songs— which went to #1 in England!— and another with '80s star Cyndi Lauper (rumored to be Jewish, but nope), a remake of her hit "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Also, she was in the musical Chicago for almost two months!

A person with her own sense of style, Kelly had her own fashion line for a while, has done ads for other designers, and came together with many models and designers to raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Singing, dancing, acting, designing… if you can't keep up with all of Kelly's work, don't worry, she did that for you— because she also has been writing! Her autobiography, Fierce, just came out.

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