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Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch Photo

Melissa is certainly making a big bang on TV these days, and not just because she is a regular on The Big Bang Theory! She has also appeared on other huge-hit shows like True Blood and The Office (we don’t know which is scarier— vampires in coffins or co-workers in cubicles!)

She also was a regular on two other shows, the mother-daughter sitcom Kath & Kim and 12 Miles of Bad Road, about the problems of being too rich. Please! We’d like a crack at solving those problems! And she’s a regular panelist on MTV’s Best Week Ever.

Melissa is just starting to get into movies. Her next one is Wright vs.Wrong. As in, Frank Lloyd Wright was not one of the Wright Brothers… that’s wrong! And she’s going to be in a comedy called Thunder Geniuses. Maybe they can think of how to use thunder for something useful, instead of it just scaring us under the bed!

She had a cameo in the great comedy I Love You, Man, and she gets to yell at Jason Segel! Aw, come on, he’s such a puppy-dog of a guy, how could you yell at him? Paul Rudd is in that one, too. And she is in Delirious, with Gina Gershon, and David Wain, about the paparazzi. We are upset that they used that title, though. To us, Delirious will always be the tile of an Eddie Murphy stand-up movie which we loved at your age.

While getting her degree in New York, she did stand-up, and was named “Best College Comedian” by Jamie Foxx and Carson Daley on MTV’s Total Request Live! She usually sells out when she performs on college campuses.

As a bridge between stand-up and acting, Melissa created an award-winning one-woman show. This is a play, but there is only one actor on stage the whole time! Usually, they are portraying a famous person in history, like a great scientist, author, or president.  But Melissa acted as one of President George W. Bush’s daughters, and her show was called The Miss Education of Jenna Bush.

Oh, and Melissa was part of a political comedy troupe called Gross National Product. This term means “all of the stuff a whole country makes,” but they meant it the way you heard it… to make you go “eeewww!”

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